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Top 10 Ways to Spoil Your Valentine in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Gatlinburg, TN, Gatlinburg, Tennessee, It’s time to start planning a Valentine’s Day surprise for your sweetheart! If you haven’t already, you might want to consider all of the ways that you can spoil your Valentine in the Smoky Mountains. Gatlinburg is one of the most romantic places in the world, and it is the perfect place to cozy up together to kindle or rekindle your romance. Here are 10 ideas to help you give your sweetheart a Valentine’s Day she’ll never forget!

#1. Surprise her with a Trip to Gatlinburg for Valentine’s Day

If your sweetheart would love a vacation for two, plan a trip to Gatlinburg to rekindle your romance. Taking a trip together can help you build lasting memories and rekindle your flame. Come to a higher love in Gatlinburg, and plan a perfect Valentine’s Day surprise in the Smoky Mountains!

#2.  Rent a Cozy Cabin for Two

One of the best ways to pamper your significant other is to rent a cabin, chalet, or hotel room that will allow you to reconnect, relax, and unwind together. A cabin or chalet will give you the chance to take some time away from the hustle and bustle to get to know each other all over again and experience the bliss of a cozy fireside chalet while it’s cold outside.

#3. Plan a Dinner at her Favorite Restaurant in Gatlinburg

If your sweetheart loves a certain type of food or one of the restaurants in town, make reservations or plan an evening where you can enjoy some wonderful food and an intimate conversation. Planning a special dinner for two will show how much you care and that you want to enjoy some time together just the two of you.

#4. Take her for a Romantic Ride through the Smoky Mountains

Take a drive through Great Smoky Mountains National Park with your significant other to experience the natural beauty of the mountains in a quiet and peaceful environment. You can enjoy some amazing views together and maybe even spot some Appalachian wildlife!

#5. Warm up by the Fire

When the sun goes down, snuggle up next to your loved one by the fire. This would be a great time to ignite your passion and enjoy your time together while you enjoy gorgeous views of the Smoky Mountains in the background.

#6. Take her Shopping

Gatlinburg is home to hundreds of shops and boutiques. If your significant other loves to shop, go for a stroll down the parkway and stop by the Village and the Arts & Crafts community to find some of the finest handmade gifts and treasures around!

#7. Plan a Romantic Outing for Two

Make Valentine’s Day extra special by planning an outing for you and your loved one. Does your loved one like to sit by the fire, explore the mountains, carve up the slopes, or relax in the hot tub? Plan the perfect day around what you and your partner love to do most together!

#8. Pick up Some Delicious Treats to Share

You can find delicious fudge, taffy, and candies all over Gatlinburg if you know where to look. If your sweetheart has a sweet tooth, pick up some of her favorites at one of our area shops and surprise her!

#9. Make Memories to Last a Lifetime

While you’re in Gatlinburg, you can make memories with your partner that will last a lifetime. Whether you are enjoying the views, sipping hot cocoa by the fire, or participating in winter sports, make your memories count on Valentine’s Day.

#10. A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words 

While you’re enjoying each other in Gatlinburg on Valentine’s Day, indulge your partner and take lots of pictures so that you can reminisce on your memories years down the road.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time of year to light your fire, and Gatlinburg is a wonderful destination for a romantic getaway, a special engagement, or a wedding!

Are you planning a romantic getaway to Gatlinburg? Share your plans with us on Facebook, on Twitter @travelgburg, or on Google +!

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Fun Things to Do in Gatlinburg during the Winter Months

Gatlinburg, TN, Gatlinburg Tenneseee, Gatlinburg in the Winter, Smoky MountainsMany people ask, “What is there to do in Gatlinburg in the winter other than skiing or snowboarding?” Gatlinburg has so many fun things to do during the winter, so we thought we’d compile a list of the best activities to help you plan the perfect winter getaway to the Smokies. If you need more help, download a free Gatlinburg vacation guide so that you don’t miss anything while you’re in town!

Gatlinburg’s Incredible Winter Events

Over the last 25 years, Gatlinburg has become the place to be during the holidays. This time of the year is full of great winter events, and a few of them stand out as some of the best of the year – Winter Magic and Chili Cookoff and the New Year’s Eve countdown in Gatlinburg! The Winter Magic and Chili Cookoff are fun and exciting. Visitors can test chili perfected by businesses and organizations all over town in a fun-filled atmosphere as Gatlinburg turns on their iconic winter lights and lighting displays. Winter Magic will be active in Gatlinburg until the end of February, so visitors will have all winter to enjoy the spectacular beauty of millions of twinkling lights situated all throughout Gatlinburg.

Gatlinburg’s New Year’s Eve celebration is an electrifying event and truly a sight to behold Thousands of travelers from all over flock to the streets in Gatlinburg to wait for the New Year to begin. Below the space needle, visitors can watch the ball drop and ring in the New Year in stunning style. Immediately after the cock strikes midnight, viewers can enjoy a spectacular fireworks display! With couples kissing in the streets to ring in the New Year, families celebrating with their children, and thousands of laughs and cheers, New Year’s Eve is a magical time here in Gatlinburg.

Ober Gatlinburg, Gatlinburg, TN, Gatlinburg, Tennesseee, Gatlinburg in the Winter, Smoky Mountains, Smokies Lifts, Slopes, Ice Skating, and Snow Tubing

The Chair Lift and Scenic Chairlift in Gatlinburg are two distinctly different lifts with very different views. The Chair Lift is located in downtown Gatlinburg. You can purchase your ticket at the booth office on the corner of the street (across from Ripley’s Believe It or Not). When you get to the top, you will see a little shop and viewing area. You can find food, drinks, and souvenirs in the shop and then stop by the viewing area so that you can take a look at the beautiful view. Once you get settled in at the top, you can take a moment to relax at one of the patio tables to take in all of Gatlinburg. The view is comparable to looking down at the floor below your feet. When standing at the top of the Chair Lift, you are standing above the city and can look down on it through a very unique perspective.

The Scenic Chairlift is located at Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort & Amusement Park. This chair lift takes you to the top of Mt. Harrison. From here, you will be able to see the City of Gatlinburg off in the distance, but even more impressively, you will be able to see amazing views of the National Park. During the winter, snow-capped mountains and clear blue skies are as far as the eye can see. Usually, there will be live music on the mountain for your enjoyment depending on the weather. If you want a picture riding through the mountains, those are also available after your ride on the scenic chairlift. The viewing area for the Scenic Chairlift is immediately adjacent to the National Park, so you will be able to view the natural beauty in stunning detail.

Shopping in Gatlinburg

All of Gatlinburg’s shops are open during the winter, and since there are fewer people in town, it’s the perfect time to go on a shopping extravaganza through Gatlinburg. With all of the amazing shops that you can choose from, you can find unique arts & crafts, one-of-a-kind souvenirs, custom t-shirts, delicious sweet treats, and much more!

Are you planning a trip to Gatlinburg this winter? Tell us all about your plans on Facebook, on Google + or on Twitter @travelgburg!

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How to Stay Warm Hiking in the Smokies this Winter

Hiking in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Gatlinburg, TN, Galtinburg, Smoky Moountains, Smokies With piercing cold winds and temperatures that can drop below negative in the flash of an eye, it’s important to know how to keep yourself warm while hiking through the mountains in Gatlinburg, TN this winter!

Compressions and Extremities

Have you ever wondered why your fingers and toes get cold first? There’s a very interesting reason for that. Our bodies have developed a survival technique to protect our vital organs. Capillaries restrict in our outer extremities to bring blood flow and warmth back to our core to keep it safe. So to stay warmer longer, it is vital to protect the extremities first.

If you plan to hike in Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the winter, we recommend wearing wool socks (double up for extra protection) with wind resistant and water resistant hiking boots. Make sure that you get gloves that are also wind and water resistant to keep your hands and feet protected from the extreme elements. Another investment that you might want to make before you go hiking in the winter is to purchase some good headgear to protect your face and cover your head (where most of your body heat escapes) with the same wind and water resistant technology.

Compression clothing is a great start to keeping your core warm. Compression clothing acts as an extra layer of thick skin and is designed to keep body heat inside. Although just like skin, once the heat escapes, it is gone, so make sure to couple compression clothing with other gear. If you are unsure of exactly what you need to keep your core warm while hiking in the winter, consult an experienced retailer to ensure you make the best decision.

Wear Baggy Clothing over Compression Gear

If all you needed was an extra layer of skin, we could all just wear compression clothing during the winter to stay warm. However, we need more than that to keep our bodies warm and toasty. Baggy or loose clothing traps in heat, so it’s always a good idea to wear baggy clothing over your compression gear. With the right outerwear, you can trap heat inside your clothing. You will need a degree-tested jacket that is also highly wind resistant and water resistant. If you can keep your core nice and toasty, your body will act in kind by opening capillaries in your extremities to get blood flow and warmth to those areas in need.

Stay Moving

This is the most important advice of all. Staying active forces the body’s muscles to move and work, producing heat as a byproduct. Be careful of the amount of energy that you exert because you don’t want to overextend yourself or become hot and sweaty. If you do, a coupe of things can happen – you may get sick, dizzy, or disoriented.

So our three main pieces of advice to keep you warm and safe while you hike in the winter are to make sure to wear the right kind of clothing, protect yourself with wind resistant and water resistant gear, and keep your body moving!

Are you going hiking this winter in Gatlinburg? If so let us know when and where in the comments, on Facebook, on Google +, or on Twitter @travelgburg!

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Start a New Fireside Tradition this Winter in Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Gatlinburg, TN, Gatlinburg in the Winter, Smoky Mountains, Smokies In Gatlinburg, you can always find a reason to start a new tradition. During the winter, you’ll be able to enjoy all of the joys of Gatlinburg next to a blazing fire with a piping cut of hot coffee or chocolate topped with a thick layer of whipped cream. Start a new fireside tradition this year in Gatlinburg by planning a trip to the Smokies this winter.

Relax, Warm up and Unwind

What better way can you spend a few days during the cold winter months than nestled up under a cozy blanket next to a glowing fire? If you want to create a new family tradition, plan a trip to Gatlinburg every winter so that the whole family can enjoy the beauty of the snowcapped Smoky Mountains, the warmth of a blazing fire, and the joys of the winter season in Gatlinburg.

Enjoy Peace and Serenity in the Smoky Mountains

Take a breath and enjoy the crisp, clean air that makes the Smoky Mountains such a wonderful place to visit during the winter. Add a cozy Gatlinburg cabin or chalet to your fireside tradition, and you’ll have the perfect trip for one, two or the whole family during the winter. You can create lasting memories all year long in Gatlinburg. This is the place where family vacations become family traditions. If you need a place to snuggle up during the winter next to a blazing fire, there’s no better place in the world than in one of the prettiest little towns on earth.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Gatlinburg, TN, Gatlinburg, Smoky Mountains, Smokies, Add Your Favorite Activities to Your New Fireside Tradition

Winter activities are all around in Gatlinburg. Take a wild ride down the tubing hill on your very own snow tube, carve up the slopes on skis or a snowboard, or go ice skating around the beautiful ice rink at Ober Gatlinburg. Explore Great Smoky Mountains National Park on foot or in the car to catch some spectacular snowcapped mountain views. Visit the local shops to find some of the best treasures, souvenirs, and one-of-a-kind gifts in the southeast, or bundle up for a stroll downtown to experience the nearly deserted streets and the peaceful quiet that only happens once a year!

With so many memories waiting to be made in Gatlinburg, it’s time to start your newest tradition. Do you have a fireside tradition in Gatlinburg, Tennessee? Let us know in the comments, on Facebook, on Twitter @travelgburg, or on Google +!


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Prettiest Places to See during the Winter in Gatlinburg

Gatlinburg, TN, Gatlinburg Tennesee, Gatlinburg, Smoky Mountains,Winter is a beautiful time of year to visit Gatlinburg. The snowcapped mountains are a beautiful sight to behold, and everything seems to slow down a little bit when the temperatures drop. If you’re looking for some of the prettiest places to visit in Gatlinburg this winter, don’t miss out on these great locations!

The Mountains from the Gatlinburg Bypass

If you have ever been to Gatlinburg and traveled through the area, you’ve probably been to the Gatlinburg bypass. The views from the bypass are gorgeous all year long, and in the winter, white accents the mountains and creates a stunning view of downtown.

Gatlinburg, TN, Gatlinburg Tennesee, Gatlinburg in the Winter, Smoky MountainsThe View from Your Cabin, Chalet, or Hotel Room

Winter is a great time to find a cabin, chalet, or hotel room with a great view! Since less people are in town, there are a lot of great options to explore, even if you’re planning your trip at the last minute. Try to find a cabin, chalet, or hotel room that has a spectacular view of the mountains so that you can enjoy the area’s majestic natural beauty while you curl up next to the fire.

Winter Magic on the Trolley Ride of Lights 

Winter Magic is an incredible event in Gatlinburg that gives you the opportunity to see some of the most beautiful winter lights and light displays in the southeast. The lights in Gatlinburg will be turned on through February 28th, and you can see a spectacular view of the lights by taking a ride on the Trolley Ride of Lights. The Trolley Ride of Lights gives allows visitors to take a glimpse of all our winter lights and experience a narrated journey through Gatlinburg so that you can not only enjoy the sparkling lights but also learn the story behind them. The Trolley Ride of Lights will be open until January 26th, 2013, so book your reservation today to enjoy the best of Winter Magic!

What’s your favorite place to visit in Gatlinburg during the winter? Let us know in the comments section, on Facebook, on Twitter @travelgburg, or on Google +!

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Top 5 Reasons to Visit Gatlinburg in the Winter

Gatlinburg, Tennessee, Gatlinburg, TN, Winter in Gatlinburg Winter is a wonderful time of year to visit Gatlinburg and the Smoky Mountains. While many people plan their trips in the spring, summer, and fall, there are some great reasons to visit the Smoky Mountains during one of the cold winter months. When the temperatures drop and the crowds leave, Gatlinburg transforms into a quaint little town full of southern hospitality and great opportunities to enjoy the wonders of the mountains in a peaceful environment. If you need a few reasons to start planning a weekend getaway or a week long vacation to Gatlinburg this winter, this list will help you make your decision!

#1. Everything is Less Expensive

When the cold weather rolls in, everything starts to move a little slower in Gatlinburg. Room rates drop, cabin and chalet rentals are much more affordable, and you can even find great deals on attractions, wedding packages, and restaurants. If you’re looking for a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to find some peace and quiet, book your trip to Gatlinburg in the winter at the most affordable prices you’ll be able to find all year long!

#2. The Crowds Disappear

If you’re looking to find a little peace and quiet and still be able to enjoy all of your favorite activities in Gatlinburg, winter is a great time of year to visit. The streets are not crowded, which means that the attractions, restaurants, and shops aren’t either! You can bundle up and take a stroll down the parkway then stop in to your favorite attractions, restaurants, and shops without having to wait in line! If you are the type that hates waiting in line, winter is the best time of year to visit Gatlinburg!

#3. Less TrafficGatlinburg, Tennessee, Gatlinburg, TN, Winter in Gatlinburg

If you’ve gotten caught in traffic on your way to Gatlinburg a time or two, take a trip to the Smoky Mountains during the winter so that you can avoid all of the traffic and get to where you want to go in no time at all. You can travel through Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge then through Great Smoky Mountains National Park easily. Since there will be less people in town, that also translates into less traffic and a more enjoyable driving experience if you’re thinking about auto-touring the Smokies. Visit Gatlinburg during the winter to zip along the roads to your favorite attractions, restaurants, lookout spots, or anywhere else you might want to go!

#4. Ober Gatlinburg Winter Sports

As the cold sets in, Ober Gatlinburg comes alive with snow tubing, skiing, and snowboarding! While Ober still has many of their other attractions open during the winter, skiers and snowboarders will find their personal paradise at Ober Gatlinburg.  Ober starts making snow as soon as the temperatures dip below 35 degrees, and they continue all year long so that visitors can ski and snowboard for as long as possible while they’re in town! Snow tubing is also open for people that want to take a wild ride down the slopes in a snow tube with the family! If you want to have some winter fun indoors, you can also go ice skating on Ober’s wonderful indoor rink. When you’re ready to take a break, you can grab a nice cup of hot cocoa, a great meal, and enjoy the rest of your day looking at the views or playing games with the family.

#5. Fireside Cabins and Chalets

If you need a reason to cozy up next to a fire and sip some hot cocoa, cider, or coffee, Gatlinburg has you covered. Hundreds of cozy cabins and charming chalets are situated all over town, so you can find the perfect place to relax and unwind while the winter weather whips around outside. The views are breathtaking this time of year, and you’ll be able to find great deals on a fireside cabin or chalet. Give yourself a special treat and enjoy the cold weather next to a blazing fire with a cozy blanket and piping hot cup of hot cocoa in hand.

Are you ready to plan your winter getaway to Gatlinburg? Let us know in the comments section, on Facebook, on Twitter @travelgburg, or on Google +!

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Explore Gatlinburg’s Winter Wonderland this Holiday Season

Winter wonderland.  Think about it for a moment. What comes to mind?  Most people form their perception of what a winter wonderland looks like from a song written in 1934 by Felix Bernard called “Winter Wonderland.”  The song has been played in every shopping mall, performed at all the parades, and christened the hallways of homes for nearly 90 years, thus becoming synonymous with the season.

“Sleigh bells ring, are you listening,

In the lane, snow is glistening

A beautiful sight,

We’re happy tonight.

Walking in a winter wonderland.”

Gatlinburg has the unique features that make this song come alive.  Sleigh bells accent the mountains giving them a voice, snowmen adorn the yards around town, and the birds will always sing you a love song.

Experience the Winter Magic in Gatlinburg

WinteGatlinburg, Tennessee, Gatlinburg, TN, Winter Magic, Winter Wonderlandr in Gatlinburg is a magical time for so many reasons. The lights! Oh the lights fill up the night sky to make every view one you won’t forget.  Take a journey on the Trolley Ride of Lights to experience Gatlinburg’s stunning light displays.  Do you like to listen to classic carols?  At any time, you could be sitting at a fabulous restaurant in Gatlinburg and hear the beautiful sounds of our local carolers.  The carolers travel from restaurant to restaurant and mix it up all over town.  Do you like winter sports? You can definitely find those in Gatlinburg as well.  Ober Gatlinburg is one of the premier resorts in town. They offer an Aerial Tram ride, ice skating, snow tubing and nine slopes to carve!

The Trolley Ride of Lights

WM Streetlights 4 copyThis adventure often gets booked up quick, so call ahead and reserve as soon as you know you’ll be in town!  The Trolley Ride of Lights will take you to see “displays that are indigenous to Great Smoky Mountains National Park including deer, foxes, squirrels and rabbits.” Everyone loves the bears, and if you’re always searching for one while you’re in town, not to worry! We have some bears that are lit up too.

Winter in Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The park is a very special place around the holidays, and the park workers care about visitors’ safety. Before you head to the park over the holidays, there are a few things to keep in mind. In the lower elevations around 1700’, the same elevation as Gatlinburg’s downtown area, the average snowfall is minimal.  Snowfalls of about 1-2” will happen about 5-10 times a year, which leaves a nice dusting to play in. In the higher elevations of 2500’ and above, snowfall steadily increases.  To find out more information, visit this link to the National Park Service page: “When Will it Snow?” Also, here are two great links to watch the webcams at Look Rock and Purchase Knob!

Are you coming to Gatlinburg for the holidays? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter (@travelgburg), or in the comments section! See you soon!

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