Get in on the Winter Fun at Ober Gatlinburg Ski Resort & Amusement Park

Ober Gatlinburg Winter SportsGatlinburg hasn’t always been perceived as a winter destination. In the past, the City of Gatlinburg shut down for the winter, and all the business owners went south. In 1962, Ober arrived in Gatlinburg and changed all of that. The resort worked tirelessly to establish their reputation as a place that people of all ages can enjoy during the winter. After years of dedication to providing the best experience possible, Ober resort has helped transform Gatlinburg into a four seasons destination.

Enjoy Breathtaking Views from the Aerial Tramway

For ten long years, visitors trekked up the mountain in their vehicles through the snow.  In 1972, the Ober team set out to provide a safer, more comfortable mode of transportation for visitors.  Gatlinburg’s Aerial Tram was built later that year.

The tram is one of the best ways to see the mountains surrounding our quaint little town. The tram ride ascends 2.1 miles through Gatlinburg and up to the top of Mount Harrison. After 34 years of reliable service, the original tramcars were retired, and the installation of new modernized cars began.  These revolutionary new cars are capable of carrying 60 passengers each and have the same dimensions as their predecessors. The best thing about these new cars is that they provide 15% more viewing area for riders to enjoy.

Have Some Fun Ice Skating

While this isn’t technically a winter sport at Ober because you can partake year round, enthusiasts typically fill the rink when the weather starts to turn a little colder.  Ober has the largest rink in the area at 140′ X 75′.  With that kind of space, you can enjoy it alone (working on those maneuvers), bring your significant other or you could bring the whole family to skate until your heart is content.  When you’re not gliding around the ice, you can shop in the mall surrounding the ice skating rink.  Ober Gatlinburg Winter Sports

Go Snow Tubing with the Family

Snow tubing. Who doesn’t love that? Fortunately, Ober has designed a pretty cool place to do it safely.  It’s almost an effortless experience.  You show up, get your pass, get your tube, and then ride a conveyor belt to the top before you race back down!  Ober has made tubing a very enjoyable experience for everyone over the age of 3.  At any point, there could be up to 9 lanes open. In any case, the intensity of flying down the ice in a tube with your friends and family will give you memories that will last a lifetime.

Skiing and Snowboarding on Ober Gatlinburg’s World-Famous Slopes

Ober Gatlinburg Winter SportsAh. Almost the reason for the season, well for some it is.  Ober has a strong local following that fill the slopes and carve out their niches early.  Then on the other hand, Ober has long since established itself as a place that people from all over can come and enjoy the slopes!  So visitors file in line with the locals to experience all that the mountains have to offer.  Ober has slopes to suit everyone from beginner to expert — with two quads servicing nine trails, one double lift, and one service lift.

If you’re a winter sports enthusiast, don’t miss out on all that Ober Gatlinburg has to offer this year!

What’s your favorite thing to do at Ober Gatlinburg? Share it with us in the comments section, on Facebook, or on Twitter (@travelgburg)!

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