Tips for Halloween in Gatlinburg: Let the Fun Begin!

Halloween in Gatlinburg Even though you may not have considered Gatlinburg as the place for Halloween fun, it’s definitely the place to be on October 31st!  Gatlinburg’s family friendly atmosphere attracts families from all over to come and celebrate Halloween in a safe environment.

Trick or Treat – Plan of Attack!

As always parking on the Gatlinburg strip is primo!  However, it might be easiest and most practical to start at the middle of town where there is a very well lit and safe city parking lot.  To be a successful “treater,” it is imperative to have a plan of attack.  Parking here gives the treater a home base to work from!  You can hit up the mall across the street, the several surrounding hotels and restaurants, Arrowmont and the Aquarium in a hurry.  Then you can unload at the vehicle and hit the streets running again.

Our suggestions for getting the most from your Halloween experience in Gatlinburg is to work from right to left. You’ll be more efficient and can hit all the hot spots as quickly as possible. Plan of attack, remember? Once you have safely crossed the street to the right side, you can start working the strip.  After you have made your way up the right side of the strip leaving no business untouched by the horror of your costume and sticky fingers, you are left with a downhill return back to the car!  Ah ha! Saving the downhill for last is definitely a benefit for the parents, because the kids will be inevitably hyped up from their candy plundering.

What Time should Your Family start Trick or Treating in Gatlinburg?

Traditionally, you trick or treat at night.  Not so in Gatlinburg.  For the safety of all the little ones, this affair begins earlier in the day from 12:00pm-5:00pm.  That is only if you want candy. If you don’t want candy, that’s okay too!  You can still don your costume and join the nighttime crowds downtown.  Most of the restaurants and local bars will be in theme. Some even have costume contests!

Fright Nights!

Don’t miss Fright Nights at Ripley’s Haunted Adventure on Halloween this year! The 14th annual performance includes a “Voodoo 13” show that is sure to fright and delight. Ripley’s likes to haunt year round, but they really ramp things up when haunting is in full season.  Every weekend leading up to Halloween, at no extra charge for guests, Ripley’s Haunted Adventure hosts its New Orleans themed show “Voodoo 13” at 6:13pm.   Come if you dare, or if you just like a scare!

Are you planning to celebrate Halloween in Gatlinburg? Tell us your plans and show us your costumes in the comments, on Facebook, or on Twitter!  

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